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The FI Community provides you access to a large knowledgeable community of valuable professionals across all disciplines working with Fiserv products both operationally and strategically.

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A strong community of clients translates into powerful influence over where your platforms take you. Join our unified voice and collaborate with Fiserv to help create the strongest platforms to deliver our products and services.

The FI Community is an affiliation of financial industry professionals who own one or more Fiserv products and non-financial institutions who service them. We are funded by the dues collected from member organizations. Begun in 2006, we originated from a number of Open Solutions (now Fiserv) clients who found it beneficial to share their knowledge, answers and experience with each other across the United States and Canada.

The strength of this community is found in its positive networking power, peer-to-peer solution discovery, and focus on happier experiences for those we serve.

If you have a question about a system or process, who better to provide answers than your peer at another institution that has already dealt with and solved the issue?

By working together as a strong community, not only do we make our jobs easier, we provide valuable feedback to Fiserv/Open Solutions to influence product development and client services.

Signing up is easy!  To become the newest member of our strong community, visit us at  We look forward to your participation and wish you the happiest of experiences with us!

Software technologies are one of your largest budget items. Your investment in your people is your LARGEST expense. Our strong community, through our focus on effective happiness, helps you get the most out of both investments!  Having your organization be an active member of the FI Community is a great way to maximize your employees’ potential.

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  • Access for EVERY employee in your organization to the online community resources
  • Membership to dozens of job-focused user groups with answers to your questions

  • Peer-to-peer solutions for software and operational challenges
  • Active participation in shaping Fiserv/Open Solutions’ products and services
  • Interactions with hundreds of industry professionals who have real world experience with Fiserv/Open Solutions’ products and services
  • More informed, knowledgeable, and engaged employees with access to the answers they need

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